Hana-Kotori YH in Okhotsk As inn of Shiretoko and Abashiri travel


located by Lake Tofutsu-ko

YH, located by Lake Tofutsu (Tofutsu-ko), which is a registered wetland under the Ramsar convention. More than 230 species of wild birds , including whooper swans and Japanese cranes, can be found in the 900ha lade borderd with beautiful native flowers. Its name means "a lake where birds are always there" in the Ainu language. The sunset view here is really awesome...

organic food

Organic meals!

Meals with the freshest seafood caught locally in the Sea of Okhotsk and organic vegetables grown in Koshimizu.The Okhotsk is known as a treasure house of delicacies.We only provide Japanese style meal. Vegetarian meals and food allergy must be consulted ahead. Enjoy the hearty, unique Okhotsk cuisine

twin room

Room information

There are private bedrooms and Jananese room and Domitry Rooms in the YH.All rooms are refurbished with recyclable product and scrap wood,and painted by ourselves.All rooms are without toilet, bath and lavatory. Please use the public one. It's free to connect the Wireless LAN by your own laptop at some rooms. In that case, please have the LAN card.No smoking inside of the building.


Lake Tofutsu-ko


Tofutsu-ko has an area of 900 ha and circumference of 27.3 km.Tofutsu-ko was created when the shallow bay facing the Sea of Okhotsk was closed by an elongated sandbar that was formed by the ebb and fow of tides.

Wild birds at Tofutsu-ko--more than 230 species!!

Steller's Sea Eagle

Steller's Sea Eagle spend their winter.

White tailed Sea Eagle

White tailed Sea Eagle also spend their winter. But some of them spend through the year , and it is a breeding spot for them.

Japanese cranes

Japanese cranes.

Koshimizu natural flower park

Koshimizu natural flower park


TThis is a natural flower field, where approx.From spring to autumn, 40species of wild flowers including Japanese Rose Rosa rugosa,Lilium maculatum,and Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus var, yezoensis boom. It is located on the long and narrow sand hills, approx. 8km long, which is located along Route 244 between the Okhotsk Sea and Lake Tofutsu.

Koshimizu natural flower park 01

Ezo kisuge

Koshimizu natural flower park 02


Koshimizu natural flower park 03

a lot of birds in the park


Floating ice


The Sea of Okhotsk coast is the northern hemisphere's southernmost region to see drifting sea ice. The sea ice typically reaches the coast around Abashiri in January and disappears again by late March .

floating ice

Three National Park around here

There are 5 lakes in the park.

Abashiri Quasi-National Park

The park protects the waters and surrounding coastline of the lakes and lagoon along the Sea of Okhotsk.This includes such lakes as Lake Abashiri and Lake Notoro as well as Lake To-futsu and Lake Saroma. Lake Saroma is the fourth largest lake in Japan .

sulfur mine

Akan-Mashu National Park

The park is well known for its three beautiful lakes. Lake Akan, Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo. Lake Mashu is of particular fame. Although often covered by fog, its waters are some of the clearest in the world.


Shiretoko National Park

The word "Shiretoko" is an Ainu word "sir-etok" meaning "end of the Earth". In 2005, UNESCO designated the area a World Natural Heritage Site,


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